“Liberal Arts education is a vital foundation for both individual flourishing and the well-being of our society.” – Christopher Eisgruber

BBA (Leadership) Emphasis on Liberal Studies

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3. Merit Scholarships based on Merit based on Aggregate Percentage in Class 12

Names of the Programs under this Category
BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership
Name of the Merit Scholarship Aggregate Percentag of Class 10 Aggregate Percentag of Class 12
Dr. Vishwanath Karad Merit Scholarship. 100% for total duration of the program. 90% above 95 & above
MIT-WPU Merit Scholarship 100% for First Year Only NA Above 95
75% for First Year Only NA Above 92
50% for First Year Only NA Above 88
25% for First Year Only NA Above 85



3(A). Program Intake, No of Scholarships and Amount of Scholarships for the programs in this Category

Program FEE Per Year Program Intake "Dr. Vishwanath Karad 100% Merit Scholarship
(Number of Scholarships @ 5% of total intake )for the total duration of the program."
"100% Merit Scholarship (Number of Scholarships @ 3% of total intake) for first year only." 75% Merit Scholarship (Number of Scholarships @ 5% of total intake) for first year only. "50% Merit Scholarhip (Number of Scholarships @ 7% of total intake ) for first year only." 25% Merit Scholarship (Number of Scholarships @ 10% of total intake) for first year only.
No. of Scholarship Amount of each Scholarship No. of Scholarship Amount of each Scholarship No. of Scholarship Amount of each Scholarship No. of Scholarship Amount of each Scholarship No. of Scholarship Amount of each Scholarship
BBA (Liberal Studies ) Leadership 450000 20 01 450000 01 450000 01 337500 01 225000 02 112500

Program Overview

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Course Overview

BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership Program is a unique, integrated and interdisciplinary, integrated and interdisciplinary program. It has been designed to shape Leaders for various domains. The Program aims to shape the Learners to become Change Leaders and lead the domains of their choice.

Program Highlights

Leadership Qualities, Industry mentor, Interdisciplinary Knowledge, Interpersonal Skills
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving
Analytical Reasoning Research Skills, Team work, Reflective Thinking
Digital Literacy, Self-Directed Learning
Multicultural Competence, Moral and Ethical Awareness
Community Engagement, Lifelong Learning
Experiential Learning,  Rural Immersion Program,  National Immersion Program, International Immersion

Career Outcomes

As a part of the BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership Program, the Learn can go for a Double Specialization

• Hence the Learner has the benefit of one key that opens two professional doors

• After the completion of BBA (Liberal Studies) Leadership program, the students could be placed at top tier positions that are meant to lead the team

• The domains can be diverse, ranging from the Corporate sector

• Social sector

• Marketing Sector

• Graduates from this program can become Entrepreneurs

• Political Advisors

• Policy Makers

• Social Observers

• Researchers

• Budget Analysts

• The graduate from the program shall have excellent managerial skills which will make them worthy of leading positions where the sky is the limit.

• With abundance of motivation and practical skills aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial skills, the graduate from this Program may choose to be his/her own boss and decide to set the trend with innovative ideas.

• Graduates interested in Research will have a myriad of options to choose for their research areas.

Alumni Corner

The knowledge I gained at MIT WPU has helped me clear the HCU entrance exam for my master's degree in political science and has inculcated confidence to further this new venture. I also got the opportunity to work at the Quality Council of India as a Management Trainee, which furthered my knowledge about my subject and gave me a practical sense of the field.
Muskan Thanvi
BA (Hons) Political Science

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