Dr. Preeti Joshi

Dr. Preeti Joshi

Head of School & Professor

“All the programs under MIT-WPU’s School of Liberal Arts are designed for the all-inclusive development of students at every level.

MIT-WPU’s mantra for students in the 21st Century is to become individuals with high emotional quotient and social awareness. Heritage walks, guest lectures, invited talks, Rural Immersion program ensure that MIT WPU students live this mantra. We conduct yoga sessions every week as an integral part of the curriculum. Massive Open Online Courses are also to be opted by students which help them to have an interdisciplinary approach to their chosen BA Journalism & Mass Communication or MA Journalism & Mass Communication programs. The School of Media & Journalism aims to facilitate the students to shape the young journalists, reporters, policymakers & media leaders of tomorrow. It plans to place students on the world map and prove that students of MIT-WPU’s School of Media & Journalism have great outlook and can certainly excel with correct guidance and motivation. We endeavor to prepare our students to become responsible citizens, adept to face the present situation and future challenges in a fast, rapidly changing world by incorporating the best of academics and values. We aim to nurture the talent in the learners to reach their full potential.

The BA Journalism & Mass Communication and MA Journalism & Mass Communication are unique programs aimed at creating global media personalities with a ground-level connect. The programs have a multi-disciplinary basket of diverse subjects for students who have more than one interest. The programs enable the students to become strong-minded leaders in various fields. The programs ensure that students acquire multiple skill sets and creative mindset to face diverse challenges in their personal as well as professional life. Personally, I think the programs will help students to become balanced individuals with high skill sets, ethics, and values.”

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